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Snowboarding for beginners equals big knees and blue buttocks from falling, fighting with the drag lift, and a lot of contact with the cold snow.

It is true that as a novice snowboarder, you have to push through. It is falling and getting back up. But, with the right gear and good training, you can easily get off the slopes after a few days.

Even without being completely black and blue! It is even said that most people master snowboarding faster than skiing.

This blog post about name a sport that uses a board contains several tips for winter sports enthusiasts who are starting to board game snowboard.

Snowboarding for beginners

As a novice snowboarder, you must have the necessary perseverance. Starting snowboarding is certainly not easy.

You are standing at an angle, have one plank under your feet, and no sticks to keep your balance.

The first few days, you will think you will never learn, but then you will make fast progress and enjoy it!

Beginners going to snowboard for the first time can ensure optimal conditions with good preparation.

  1. Your outfit: choose warm, waterproof clothing and think about protection
    As a beginner, you must have clothes that keep you dry and warm.

Choose snowboard pants and a nice, warm, and well waterproof jacket, because whether you like it or not, you are often in the snow.

Ski pants nowadays have good water resistance, so if you already have that, that is also possible.

Do you want to prevent blue buttocks? Then wear crash pants; these are pants with pads that protect you when you fall and that you wear under your snowboard clothing.

In addition, it is also advisable to wear knee pads. There are special snowboard knee pads, but maybe you still have them from skating or volleyball; these work fine too!

Wrist guards and a helmet are also highly recommended.

Find out if you’re goofy or regular: Which foot are you on?

On a snowboard board game, you always have one foot in front. In snowboard terms, you then speak of goofy (front right) or regular (front left).

There are some tricks to finding out what your preferred position is. Pretend to slide across the ice for a bit or have someone nudge you from behind; what foot do you have now? Choose this foot to start snowboarding.

Don’t worry if you were mistaken initially; a good snowboard instructor will see that you can stand in front better with your other foot.

Occasionally, some people slip one way as easily as the other, but generally, you will see that you have a clear preference.

Rent your equipment the first time

Rent your equipment the first time you go for a board sport. This way, you can first see if you catch the board virus and don’t risk quickly outgrowing your beginner board.

As a beginner, you choose a reasonably flexible board. These snowboards are easy to steer.

Don’t be tempted by a nice (and stiff!) advanced board; it will take you much longer to make turns. A good snowboard shop can help you choose the right snowboard and boots.

Choose the right size boots and snowboard

Your snowboard boots must fit well and are certainly not too big. Your heel should be well fixed in the shoe so that it does not rise when you stand on your ‘topside.’

It would be best to close the shoe properly with the laces or the closure system, so your movements are properly transferred to your snowboard.

Do you doubt the size: I always rather take your shoe a little too small than too big. The length of your snowboard depends, among other things, on your height and weight.

Stand your snowboard upright; as a beginner, it should come between your chest and nose. Do you have larger (from size 44) feet? Then ask the snowboard shop for an extra wide board.

Otherwise, you will go through the snow with your toes!

Always take snowboard lessons

Many people think that snowboarding is difficult. Nothing is less true!

The first day(s) is a bit difficult, and you will fall more than a novice skier, but snowboarding can, in principle, be learned quickly.

After the first week, many people can easily get off an intermediate (red) slope.

The most important tip is actually: take lessons! I have often seen people who rent a board for an afternoon and try it out for themselves on a practice slope.

In addition to the risk of injuries, you also have a good chance that you will teach yourself a wrong (falling) technique. In general, it is easier to learn something than to unlearn it.

So invest in lessons, and you will master them much faster, especially if you opt for a few hours of private lessons. But maybe you find lessons in a group more fun, of course, you can!

It is also a good tip to take snowboard lessons in the Netherlands on an indoor (snow) track.

This means you have to spend less time on the practice slope in the Alps.

Want to learn online about board game? No, but it is an excellent preparation!

Taking snowboard lessons from a certified snowboard instructor is the best way to learn the right technique.

You will notice that with a better technique, you also get more and more fun in snowboarding.

I am not in favor of “do-it-yourself” courses on the internet. But a little preparation in advance never hurts.

On ascoring.com sports category, you will find many interesting snowboard technique tips.

But don’t let these tips replace snowboarding lessons in the snow. It is, of course, always a good idea to take an afternoon of lessons on an indoor ski slope!

Where to go on a snowboarding holiday?

As a novice snowboarder, you don’t need a huge ski area like ski debutants. You’ll have fun all week with a few blue runs, maybe a red one!

How many kilometers? I think 20/30 km of slopes is enough for you as a beginner. It is also nice if there are chair lifts in the area.

Drag lifts are often tiring for (beginning) snowboarders, but it is good for your balance ;-).

Reference about snowboarding board game

The destinations below are perfect for beginners at it.

Mammoth Mountain, California https://www.mammothmountain.com/

Mount Bachelor, Oregon https://www.mtbachelor.com/

Mount Baker, Washington https://www.mtbaker.us/

Jackson Hole, Wyoming  https://www.jacksonhole.com/

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