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Are you looking to learn more about football by yourself? Perhaps you’re a coach looking to try different things with your football training… I’ll offer some suggestions here

Panna game –

This game will enhance the individual players’ technique. It can be played in a 1vs1 game or 2vs2. It is set up as a small pitch that has cones and one goal in both side(basically it’s a soccer pitch however it’s a tiny one). Each game can last for the length you like however the game is going to be intense, and I’d recommend at least five minutes. Teams score by placing the ball in between “goal cones”. However, they can win via knockout, if they can perform a panna against the opponent. Pannas are meant to nudge on the opponent(put it between the legs). After the panna , it’s important to keep some control of the ball otherwise, it’s not really a panna, and the game continues on. It’s a fun game to play because there are challenges all every minute and the players are also more defensive. It’s not just an objective to defend the other players, but also to create a gap between you and your foot.

2 vs 2 game

Similar to the exercise as the one mentioned earlier However, in this one you earn points for performing the panna. This means you earn points to score and also for performing pannas. This could be beneficial because the players aren’t focusing exclusively in their game live score euro with their legs. It’s also very challenging and technical with many difficulties. There are more difficult challenges in the game of panna, but. Since they are trying to punish their opponent In this instance, they will also be looking to score a lot of goals, which is why they create a more cohesive team rather than an individual.

Juggling battles

Or, if you prefer, plain juggling(who performs the most juggles) or who has the most effective tricks. Football players are extremely aggressive and seek to be victorious. If they lose an encounter, they’ll head home to practice additional football tricks. Football tricks are great for many things, including attention, concentration, and the first time you touch. It is also a great way to use juggling as a way to warm up to loosen your body muscles.

Bulls eye –

If you’re with your pals and would like to play football, then bullseye could be a good activity to engage in. It is a game where you create “goals” with your fantasy. For instance, if a 20-meter post away is your target and the person who hits first earns points. Another possibility is to lift the top of an empty trash can.

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