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The wedge is often overlooked when people choose which clubs to play. The drivers, fairway woods and iron sets are the main focus.

While the fairway woods, drivers and iron sets are important, the wedges, along with the putter, are short game clubs. A good set can make a huge difference in your score and your handicap. These clubs have a huge impact on your game and should be treated with care.

To keep within the 14 club limit, it would be a good idea to add a few more wedges to the average golfer’s arsenal. He or she will have more flexibility on the greens with the wedges.

For a long time, the sand wedge has been at 56 degrees. We have a 10 degree difference between the clubs due to the 46-degree pitching wedge.

You can fill the gap with 52-degree and 54-degree wedges to provide better coverage from 120 yards away. A pitching wedge is another option, which I use. It comes in three sizes: a 52-degree wedge, 56-degree wedge, and a 60-degree wedge.

Extra wedges give me better odds of scoring lower than a 2 or 3 iron.

I have more options for getting closer to the pin with my approach shots thanks to having Best 60 degree wedges.

Other than the loft combination you should have, what bounce angle is best for you.

The wedges should have less bounce the higher the swing and the firmer your sand. You would increase the bounce angle for a swing that is shallower and softer.

The club’s finish is the third area of concern during the selection process. High gloss polished chrome looks traditional. The harder the material used to make the club, the louder the click when the ball touches it. Black to reduce glare and gun metal are also popular finishes. These materials have a softer feel than harder materials. These materials will rust, which will give the ball more spin.

The finish should give you the most feel when hitting the ball.

There is more to choosing a wedge that simply picking one up. It is important to know which lofts are the most comfortable. You should match the bounce to the conditions you are most often encounter. You are most comfortable at the finish.

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