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Spiking is one such skill that is loved by every volleyball player. Jumping high and hitting the ball hard is a necessary volleyball aspect. In the landscape of volleyball, players, both experienced and amateur, love hammering the ball. Hitting the ball is also known as crushing, or attacking. If one needs to train optimally, he/she can visit https://www.acuspike.com/product/individual-spike-trainer/ and find the right training equipment.

Scoring winning points

It is important to teach the volleyball team about the ways and strategies of attacking, as it is essential to obtain success in the gameplay. A team needs to score points to win the match. One of the best ways to score points in volleyball is by attacking the ball down the opponents. Having the form for spiking is necessary, because the better the team players are at passing, setting, and hitting the ball, the team is is to win.

What does spiking training do?

A spiking training device is an excellent tool that trains the proper spiking approach to the players. A volleyball player must be aware of the importance of balancing both the acceleration and tempo. Thanks to the individual spike trainer device, a player can work on the skill by extending his/her arms and keeping the volleyball in front of the attacking arm or shoulder. The training device simulates real-world gameplay, making the training process efficient and result-oriented.

Purpose of spikes in volleyball

The spike in the volleyball gameplay refers to the method where the hitter forcefully sends the ball over the net past the block into the opposition team’s court to score a point. The motive of the game is to score as many points and win against the competitor. Furthermore, the speed also plays a vital role in pulling higher up during a jump. One can browse a wide range of spike trainers at https://www.acuspike.com/product/individual-spike-trainer/ he/she can practice developing steps for a smoother game approach.

How to spike harder and better?

Spiking in volleyball is the offensive play where an individual hits the ball downward forcefully over the net into the opposing court in a way that it is difficult to recover the ball.

The following are the ways that enable a player to spike harder in volleyball

  • Speed and accuracy are the first aspects that must be given importance when spiking harder is the motive.
  • Assessment of swings is necessary. The faster one can swing, the better it is to spike.
  • Jumping so that that ball is in neutral is one of the aspects that shouldn’t be ignored.
  • One must regularly practice hitting from the 3-meter line. It makes a player spike harder and better than ever.

The learning steps to volleyball spiking form

Browsing through the website and getting hold of a training device helps one to learn the correct way of spiking.

  • It is always suggested to keep the hand similar to the shape of the ball. In addition, the ball must be in claw-like motion.
  • If one is a right-handed player, it should be started with the right foot forward, and step right-left-right-left. It is the opposite for left-handers.
  • When one takes the last steps, it is suggested to bring both the arms down by the sides. On the second step, the arms will swing back.
  • The last step must be fast and big.
  • The last step focuses on the forward breaks. The attention should be given to jumping up, and not executing forward broad jumping.
  • When one is bowing and arrowing the arms, the elbow must be placed above the shoulder region.
  • By creating a topspin, one must contact the ball with a vertical arm, and in front of the player’s body.


While spiking a volleyball, one might experience certain difficulties, and this is especially true with newcomers and amateurs. Running under the ball, not coming in ball contact using a vertical arm, and approaching the ball too slow are some of the common problems encountered by players during spiking. With the right spike training devices, a player can master the spiking form, and score as many points as possible. To get hold of a wide array of individual spiking and other volleyball training devices, https://www.acuspike.com/product/individual-spike-trainer/ seems to be the right one-stop resource for all kinds of modern and advanced equipment and tools.

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