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What about sports content? Will it be BETER!

According to the authoritative media, large consulting company CVC Capital Partners intends to invest $ 600 million in the merger of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

Private Equity Insights believes that the combination of men’s and women’s tennis tours with CVC Capital Partners can help professional tennis to overcome the effects of the pandemic faster.

The new investments help to focus on tournament quality, prize pool increasing, TV content improvement and a global digital platform for fans development. The tennis initiative of CVC Capital Partners fits right into the global trend. In a pandemic, private reputable businesses see the opportunity to invest in the media and commercial rights.

BETER offers tried-and-tested solutions for sportsbooks 

This news shows the new approach to the sports industry. Current reality demands engaging and сompetetive products. That applies to sports content too. But there are a few sports platforms on the market that offer something really exciting. With today’s trends, the leading provider of sports and esports content can be highlighted. It’s about BETER. This brand empowers Setka Cup and ESportsBattle tournaments to please sports and esports fans.

Brand’s efootball and table tennis products are currently some of the fastest-growing products on the market in terms of income generation. They are also extremely popular with sportsbooks and 35 million people in 152 countries watch BETER live streams monthly. Besides, the international platform for table tennis, tennis and beach volleyball development, Setka Cup, opened the location for table tennis tournaments in the EU. This initiative also proves the leading positions of BETER among other platforms.

The company cooperates with top brands in the sports industry, offering not only thrilling content, but live data and accurate odds to each discipline. BETER team experts implement IT solutions, tools & mathematical models to get the best results.

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