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What are the best lures and baits for pompano fishing? You’d probably get 4 to 5 different answers if you asked 10 pompano fishermen.

However, most people would agree that a banana jig and feather jig are both the best lures. Although they would disagree on the best colors, most people would agree that these two lures are the best.

Best Time to Catch a Pompano

Pompanos are a migratory fish that migrate through Florida every winter. They are delicious. The temperature changes that a pompano experiences are very important to them. They prefer water temperatures between the low 60s and the mid 70s.

Pompano usually arrive in Treasure Coast Florida around November. They leave the area at the beginning of April. This is dependent on the severity of Florida’s winters and cold fronts.

Best Lures and Baits for Pompano Fishing

Sand fleas, shrimp, and clam strips are the best dead baits for pompano. These baits are usually available in local bait shops. You can attach one of these dead baits to your pompano rig, and then send it out into the surf. The pompano will be closer to the shore during high tides. To catch large numbers of pompanos at low tides, you’ll need to send your baits as far as possible.

A scented imitation shrimp bait is another great way to catch pompano on the beach. Pink or orange jig heads. Because it is too light for casting far, this lure is best used at higher tides. Make sure to cast parallel to the shore to work the trough. At high tide, keeper pompano may be found within 2 to 3 feet of shore.

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