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Essential Things to Know About Growing Cannabis-Tips for Athletes

Nowadays, growing cannabis is a fun pursuit for many. Many people grow it for medicinal or recreational purposes, and athletes are not an exception. It’s not surprising that most athletes are now embracing weed to improve their athletic performance. But wait a minute! Before you begin growing your buds a home, there are many things to know.

Why are most athletes turning to marijuana?

Renowned runners like Avery Collins have publicly spoken about running under the influence of cannabis. Moreover, most athletes are coming out to educate others on the link between cannabis and staying fit. According to some studies by the University of Colorado, you’re likely to exercise more if you use cannabis. Could this be the reason why most sportspeople are shifting to marijuana? Probably yes! And marijuana can impact your sporting performance in myriad ways.

First of all, it’s offers excellent relief against pain and inflammation. This is a critical aspect for athletes since they are prone to accidents and injuries. Marijuana can also promote relaxation and better sleep which is vital for all sportsmen.

What’s more? Cannabis may be effective in treating muscle spasms and helps improve your brain function and focus. For this reason, most athletes now go their weed at home. For excellent results, you may need to undergo sog vs scrog training. This will help you understand the different growth methods.

What do I need to know when growing cannabis as an athlete?

  1. Understand the basics

You don’t need to be an expert to grow cannabis. But, an understanding of the basic things about the plant will g a long way. For instance, know the seed varieties, nutrient requirements, light amounts, soil, and watering. Search for information online or acquire marijuana grow book.

  1. Know the growth methods

There are various ways to grow your plants. Before germinating the seeds, learn the grow methods and choose the best one for your strain, skills, and budget. The most common technique is going directly into the soil. However, seasoned growers use hydroponic methods other than soil. Yields are also critical, and this is why most growers prefer the SOG technique.

  1. Set a budget& Think of the cost

Growing cannabis at home comes at a cost. Depending on how you want to grow your weed, you’ll likely have to acquire costly equipment for the best yields. However, your tools will depend on your skills and grow space. Some of the accessories that you require for indoor growth include;

  • Air filter
  • Grow light
  • Fan
  • PH meter
  • Small ventilator
  • Timer
  • Grow tent
  1. Choose a grow space

Where you’ll grow your weed is a critical aspect of marijuana growth. You can grow indoors or outdoors, and each space has its pros and cons. If you’re on a budget, growing outdoors will save you a lot of costs. However, you’ll have limited control of the light exposure and climatic conditions.

In summary

You can grow your weed as an athlete if you’re licensed to do so. Before you acquire the seeds, learn of the regulations in your state to avoid trouble with the authorities. Also, understand the growing methods, required soil, nutrients, light requirements, and more. Moreover, choose the most suitable strains and seek ideas from other pro growers.


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