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Not only sports involve fun and excitement, but it also helps in keeping the mind and body both relaxed and active. In fact these days, sports form an important part of the extracurricular activities in schools and colleges. It has also been proven that sports can impact both children and adults positively, offering opportunities to get exercise and spend time with friends in a healthy environment.

John Eilermann St. Louis explains why sports is important

John Eilermann is a huge fan of the German football club Hannover 96 and the St. Louis Cardinals. He has great interest about soccer, baseball, and other sports. He is a comparative literature student from St.   Louis, Missouri. John Eilermann St. Louis talks about why a sport is important:

  • When playing a sport, individuals get the chance to exhibit their skills and gain greater self-awareness and confidence.
  • Several young people these days do not get enough hands on activity. Sports include regular exercise, which helps improve immunity and has an optimistic impact on overall health.
  • Those who play sports tend to have stronger and healthier body ad they have lower obesity rates. They can benefit by burning calories and have lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercising on a regular basis through sports programs could contribute to better lung and heart function.
  • Individuals who play sports tend to develop friendships with coaches and their team mates and this is a great way to develop social skills and communication.
  • The viewpoint of losing can be hard for most of the individuals. Taking part in sports helps young people understand both losing and winning, as well as helping recognize the abilities of other team members and roles within a team.
  • As per a recent survey it has been found that individuals who play sports tend to perform better at school. Student athletes often earn higher test scores and earn higher grades on standardized tests. They also have lesser dropout rates and a better chance of getting into college.
  • Sports also play the significant role of instilling character values. Playing sports can help teach teamwork, honesty and fair play. Learning to abide by rules and respecting teammates and opponents can also be helpful. They also get the chance to be more humble, and kind and know how to stay confident, provide respect and manage stress.

Thus, it can be said that sports include mental and physical challenge which keeps the human body in shape. It is a good source of entertainment and it helps to keep people socialized, as most sports need more than a person.

This is why John Eilermann St. Louis says that it is very important to play sport because people need to be healthy and fit in life. Everyday kids and adults do not get ample time to do any exercise at all and thus they should take part in the sports as it involves much fun and of course enjoyment.

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