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Snowboarding is an extreme winter snow sport that enthusiasts enjoy as a recreation, while others pursue as a profession and it’s also an Olympic sport that is exhilarating and exciting to watch. Snowboarding is generally more extreme than skiing, and it became hugely popular around 2007 in the United States and Canada.

Although skiing remains to be more popular, there is still a loyal group of followers for this sport. For someone who is into adrenaline-pumping activities, snowboarding is one you should not miss experiencing at least once in your life.

There are many excellent ski resorts around the world, and some of the most renowned are in France. As a snowboarder beginner looking for a Ski School, Courchevel is a great starting point since these ski schools also offer snowboarding courses for all skill levels.

Different styles of snowboarding

Snowboarding evolved extensively since it was introduced back in the 1960s and there are various styles based on your skill level and equipment used.

  • Freestyle snowboarding is a style that allows you to express your creativity by doing tricks and jumps. You jump over man-made obstacles to show how high or how well you can manoeuvre while on air.
  • Freeriding is the basic style of snowboarding. It is primarily about doing stunts in a natural setting where man-made obstacles are optional. In freeriding, you are not following a set course.
  • Half Pipe. A half-pipe is a man-made course shaped like a half circle where both sides range in height from 8-28 feet. The course allows a snowboarder to reach higher jump heights from hitting the walls.
  • Racing of Freecarve. This style of snowboarding is a race downhill through a path where each racer barrels around a turning navigator as quickly as possible and is commonly featured in the Winter Olympics.

All these styles of snowboarding require some level of practice and skills, and for anyone who is looking to become competent on the slopes the best way is to enroll in a snowboarding course. Do not also forget that apart from getting the right training, you also need to invest in the right equipment and gear so here’s following list is the basic set a beginner needs to start snowboarding safely and competently.

  • Snowboard boots
  • Snowboard
  • A thermal base layer made of non-cotton fabric
  • Waterproof pants and jacket
  • Low-light goggles
  • Snowboard Bindings
  • Gloves

If your budget is limited, you can rent a snowboard and boots from the ski resort, but the rest of your gear you will need to bring yourself.

Reminders for beginners

All extreme sports have risks, and snowboarding is no exception. Usually, someone who ventures into snowboarding has had some modest skiing experience at least so  to keep yourself safe on the slopes, keep in mind these tips:

  • Always wear protective gear
  • Do not get too excited to attempt stunts or try a difficult hill
  • Set your sight on where you want to go to achieve turns and jumps
  • Use banks and walls to practice turning and jumping

Most importantly, wear warm and comfortable clothing appropriate for snowboarding. Your gear should not impede movement, but at the same time protect you from the cold.

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