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Do Asian Olympic Divers have a bonus in Olympic Diving? Do Asian diver athletes with their slender our bodies routinely have much less of a splash after they hit the water? Take into consideration this for a second, a small splash is the signature for dive, it’s because the physique of the diver have to be aligned and go in complete streamlined to supply little if any splash. Sure, there are different methods like cupping your fingers which makes the water circulation inward and never splash outward, additionally swimming by the dive whereas underwater causes the water to circulation rapidly downward as an alternative of splashing up.Nonetheless, for probably the most half the slenderer the diver, the smaller the splash, smaller divers even have a bonus, much less weight hitting the water. Gals who’re full figured make an even bigger splash than those that are small breasted, after all, these divers are typically in actually good condition, versatile like gymnasts and have little physique fats subsequently typically smaller breasted feminine divers. Sometimes Asians are thinner than Westerners, some is weight loss program and a few is genetic, however sometimes that is what we discover. I ask, does this give them a bonus with the judges?

Certainly, whereas doing this thought experiment, and with my information of fluid dynamics; I must say sure, however to what diploma is difficult to say, because the Asian divers from Japan, China and different locations are additionally very gifted and apply an incredible quantity, and higher divers additionally get larger scores after all. Extra analysis could be wanted, maybe physique shapes as a share of inhabitants, BMI information, and hours educated (assuming competent coaches).Likewise, going by this idea, slender divers from the US, UK, or of the European Union would additionally truthful nicely, identical with South American cliff divers who enter the Olympics, offering they’re in optimum form and have slender builds.Yet one more level right here. The judges do not need entry to gradual movement cameras, and within the high-dive competitions the male athletes with all their energy are doing Three-Four summersaults, and their price of spin is so excessive that the small errors are sometimes missed, however the tell-tale signal of the splash speaks volumes of the precision the athlete had achieved, thus, the quantity of splash weighs heavy on the scoring course of.

What I’m saying is that this; my questions and inquiries right here do have benefit, and you may take a look at the divers and see the slender divers, after they do a posh and precision dive appear to attain larger than the extra stalky construct divers – the rationale is sensible to me, I consider it’s all about fluid dynamics because the athlete eases into the water – however extra analysis, statistical and observable information is warranted. Suppose on this.

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